Get Festival Ready this Season at DV8


University is finished (forever…eeek!) the summer has arrived and festival season is approaching. Not a bad time of the year eh? If you’re on the same page as me and you have dived into full-time hours at work after finishing uni, then I am sure you have a shopping trip penciled into your diary sometime soon to prepare for the upcoming festivals. Whether it’s Tennent’s Vital or Belsonic, The Script or Calvin Harris. DV8 have your festival wear sorted.

What I love most about shopping in DV8 is that it is a Northern Ireland based company. Yep, their head office is based right here. As a fashion graduate, it really inspires me to see a local company achieve such success. That’s not the only reason I like to shop there, the store hosts a range of brands such as AX Paris, Converse and Lipsy, and although the clothes are on trend the product has that touch of uniqueness – there is a very strong brand image felt both in-store and online.

In visiting my local DV8 store in the Kennedy Centre, it felt like summer had finally arrived with classic dresses blossoming in shades of pink and yellow contrasted by an array of summer prints and cool khaki green tones. If I were to pick a festival outfit from DV8 I would make practicality my first priority, or would my first priority be style? I would probably combine the two. There doesn’t have to be a compromise in my opinion, it is more than possible to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Recent headlines criticised festival-goers at Coachella for ruining the true meaning of festivals by sitting perfectly in their bright white dresses and not a hair out of place. This is what this outfit is all about, bringing back the essence of festivals – fringing, check! Paisley print (extremely on trend with the 70s vibe), check! Logo tee, check! Frayed denim, check! Converse (so you can dance all day and night and not have sore feet), check, check, check!


1. ONLY Printed Bomber £36.99 2. DV8 Black Tassel Shoulder Bag £21.99 3. DV8 New York Tee £9.99 4. GLAMOROUS Distressed Denim Shorts £29.99 5. Converse All Star White Leather Trainer £54.99

If you have been to a festival before, you are probably familiar with the plastic poncho and why are these safety cover-ups available at outdoor summer events? Because we never expect to be rolling around in muck in August. We are the true optimists when it comes to festivals no matter what happened last year, or the year before that – this year it is going to be sunny, obviously. Sadly sometimes optimism isn’t enough and to avoid the plastic poncho drama I would finish this outfit with a khaki parka jacket, you know, just in case…


To get a different perspective on festival wear who better to ask than fashion enthusiasts mid shopping trip? I spoke to some lovely DV8 customers on a sunny afternoon and here’s what they had to say about the festival season.


To get you in the festival spirit I will leave you with this song called Wetsuit by The Vaccines. I promise you, even if it was mid-December and minus 5 degrees outside, this song would still make you want to put your wellies on and head to a festival. The fashion at last year’s Tennent’s Vital was bursting with on-trend prints and bold summer colour palettes. I am taking full advantage of the opportunity to take some stylish photos this year and will be doing some style spotting at The Script concert…prepare to be fashion snapped!


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