Calling All Fashion Retail Shoppers: Have Your Say!


Just a little explanation about this survey and why I have created it. Basically, I am in the final weeks of final year and yes that means the dissertation is due very soon. I made my life somewhat easier and as most students do I picked a topic that I am not only interested in, but involved in. In my part time job I have been a part of the visual merchandising team for nearly a year now and I am very passionate about it and intrigued as to how it all works, not only on the stores part but the customers. The title of my dissertation is: The Purpose of Visual Merchandising in the Fashion Retail Industry and its Effects on Customer Buying Behaviour.

My primary research is combined with interviewing visual merchandising managers across different business set ups and getting feedback from retail customers. I have received amazing feedback so far but I thought, what better place to share it than on Kooky Miss Match, after all my blog is about the journey of a fashion student dissertation and all!

I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to be a part of my research and express your opinion on visual merchandising. I mostly need feedback from male participants and luxury shoppers, however all feedback would be MASSIVELY appreciated.

You can access the survey here: Fashion Retail Visual Merchandising Survey.

Thank you all, I really appreciate it…sending good fashion karma your way!
Emma ♥

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