Daily Look: LBD Dream Date Style Challenge


I don’t usually do seasonal posts like this but I am very excited to be involved in the LBD Dream Date Style Challenge with DailyLook.com. Daily Look is a fashion clothing website based in the United States, but don’t worry you can order to the UK with ease. What I love about their website is that they extensively style their items providing lots of inspiration when outfit building. On top of this, they provide a Style Sets section that allows you to create an outfit mood board with decorative templates, making it look like your styling came straight from a glossy magazine. Additional services include the Elite Box, live chat with a DailyLook.com stylist, product reviews and displayed stock levels.

I was lucky enough to spend Valentine’s Day last year in a romantic Italian city called Venice. I absolutely adored Venice, for a recap on my time here read my blog post – Trip to Venezia. This year leading up to Valentine’s week I am jetting off to Paris! It will not be a romantic city break as it is a college trip, purposely planned to attend the acclaimed fashion event Premiere Vision. I am looking forward to seeing such a landmark on the fashion calendar and it will help massively with my trend book project, but in relation to Valentine’s Day, it is not that type of trip.

Since I will be at home on the 14th of February and Venice is not on the cards this year, there is a little Italian restaurant in the centre of Belfast that literally makes you feel like you stepped into the Renaissance. With hand painted walls, ivy draping from the ceiling and a soft glow of fairy lights complementing the crystal chandeliers, the Chubby Cherub is the perfect place to go on a romantic date. I have incorporated a picture of the Chubby Cherub and my Venice article into the backdrop of my DailyLook.com LBD styling:


I chose this Three of Something Dress because I love how you can wear it casual or dressed up, after all an LBD is a classic, I like to get one to fit various occasions and look at it as an investment rather than throw away fashion. The Maroon Simple Strap Heels bring that warm rustic colour adding a pop of romance to the look. This Large Structured Bag I feel adheres to the sport chic but complementing the warm colour palette. The hint of turquoise blue in the ring and the sparkling Chandelier Crystal Earrings finish the look by lending an air of Venetian romance.

Click here to have your own browse of the DailyLook.com LBD section and take full advantage of their additional styling services, it is actually a lot of fun making up outfits and the best part is there is no commitment to buy, no pressure!

Stay posted for the lead up to the Paris trip, if you have been to Paris feel free to share some tips…
Emma ♥


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