It’s Official: Kooky Miss


You may have noticed from the recent fashion illustration project posts, that I have been doing a lot of coursework lately. I am excited but sad to say that I have officially completed the first half of my final year. It is truly a bittersweet situation to be in, happy to have completed the work, but sad to be finishing such a wonderful course. Since graduation time is on the horizon, I thought I should take ownership of my blog and finally purchase my own URL by ditching the Not only does this give my blog a sense of independence and a professional stance (after all it kind of doubles as an online portfolio), it also means there is a lot less typing required when you want to come visit. The old address will still direct you to my blog, but the official link is:

This year is a big year for me and I’m sure I’m not the only one, for anyone graduating this year, I know the struggle. It really is a mixed bag of emotions. All I can say is, don’t panic, keep calm and study on. Use this little time left in the academic year as the chance to really prove how much you have learned over the years, this mantra has definitely pulled me through so far.

If these uplifting quotes haven’t helped,  here is a little reminder of how good it feels when you hand in your last piece of work to keep you going.

Stay posted…

Emma ♥



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