The Revamp! Changing my Final Template

In my previous post I was deciding on a pose for my final illustration, the one that I drew up did not fit with the dress along with other issues, I relooked this and I have given my illustration new arms a new collar and a slightly longer neck, I feel these changes combined provide that little bit of sassy confidence that she was missing. I dropped these into Photoshop and cleaned up any unwanted pencil lines, I then dragged the scanned sketch into my template as a new layer. I lowered the opacity so that I could see the body shape underneath the new sketch, I also hid the dress layer so that I could adjust the arms and collar to fit the body. I then clicked the box on the dress layer to make it reappear and ensured the dress looked fitting on the new shirt and arms. When I was happy with the positioning I clicked on the layer of the original fashion illustration and I used the Lasso Tool to cut out the original arms. To reposition the head, I again used the Lasso Tool to detach the head, I used the free transform option to move the head fittingly on the neck.

I absolutely adore using Photoshop, the layers make it so easy to go back to a certain area of the drawing and change it, that’s if you remember to keep making new layers, that is one thing I haven’t forgot from being out of studying for a year!

Here is a look at my illustration mid transformation:


I definitely like this revamped look, I feel like she is walking with personality and style, stay posted to see the final outcome…
Emma ♥


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