The Big Reveal: The Final Illustration

It is time for the big reveal, my final illustration! I should probably have an exciting drum roll but I am going to do the opposite and explain how it all came together. After revamping my final illustration I added in colour, shading and decided on a background. When drawing the hair I had taken inspiration from both illustrators, in some of her work Sabine Pieper illustrates the hair up with no detail while Kelly Smith usually draws the hair down and wavy with lots of detail and shading. I sketched the hair up with some detail to give it a natural look, to add colour to the hair I used the Magic Wand tool to delete the white parts within the pencil lines, I then created a new layer and used the Round Point Stiff brush and coloured the hair dark brown, I created another layer with a lower opacity and a lighter brown colour. I dragged these layers under the layer of the hair sketch so that you can see the pencil lines.

To get the pink colour for the lips I used the eye dropper tool and selected a pink shade in the dress. I got the inspiration for the lips from Sabine Pieper, the idea to do this on my final illustration happened by accident. I selected the lips and deleted the white area with the Magic Wand Tool and repeated the same method with the hair, shading and then dragging the layers below the pencil line layer. Before I dragged this layer under the pencil line I accidentally dragged the lips to the side of the face and I thought it looked really well, then I remembered that Sabine Pieper did this in her illustration, so I let the lips stay there! I have taken inspiration from Kelly Smith when shading the skin, I used the Triangle Pastel brush however instead of just using light grey I added a bit of nude to bring a bit of warmth to my illustration. Sabine Pieper inspired me to use a low opacity brush to colour the shoes, I think this adds a burst of creativity to the illustration, I chose navy as it fitted in with my Venice colour pallet, I think it goes well with the colours throughout the illustration.

Here is my final single fashion illustration:


For the background of my final illustration I used a mix of Kelly Smith and Sabin Pieper influence, Smith’s feather background brings a soft elegant touch and I love how Sabine Pieper displays a close up of her image beside her full length figure, I combined the two and added noise to allow the texture to fit in with my heavy sketching style.


I am happy with the outcome of my final illustration, I feel that it has a healthy mix of both illustrator influence and my own style. Let me know what you think!





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