Final Prep: Getting the Pose Right

For the stance of my illustration I have taken inspiration from Kelly Smith’s pose, I feel compared to Sabine Pieper’s, Kelly’s work has a more casual laid back flair. I do love the idea of a confident edge but I do not want my illustration to have a dramatic catwalk feel. I used various templates that I found in my old illustration folder and manipulated them to suit my style. I lengthened the legs as I feel a pose with a long leg would enhance the elegance of this style of dress. I drew the arms and the collar as a shirt because I plan to have my dress layered over the illustrative figure.


When drawing the face I feel that I have taken inspiration from Sabine Pieper, I used a dark pencil as opposed to light graphite and I fell into my own style of shading heavily. I looked at my own face when drawing as I wanted to give it a personal touch instead of directly using a face of my illustrator, I fell into the habit of slightly enlarging the eyes, this is something I seem to do when drawing without noticing. I scanned my illustration and opened it in Photoshop and firstly cleaned up the image by deleting any unwanted lines on the fashion illustration.

Because of how I photographed my dress it was easily cut out on Photoshop using the Magic Wand Tool, to delete any remaining areas I used the Polygonal Lasso Tool. I dragged the dress into the illustration document on Photoshop which inserted the image as a new layer. I places the dress over my fashion illustration and adjusted it until it fit the figure. As the shirt collar needed to sit in front of the dress, I used the Lasso Tool to carefully cut around the collar, I zoomed right in so that I could clearly see the edges and I cut around the collar one side at a time. When the collar was fully cut out I selected Edit on the tool bar, then selected Cut, this removed the collar piece I had just cut around. I then created a new layer and selected Edit and Paste which then pasted the collar into a new layer. I did repeated this for the other collar side and I adjusted this so that it sat over the dress collar. Taking inspiration from Sabine Pieper, I used the Flat Fan High Bristle Count brush to enhance the eyes, as I explained in my previous post, I selected a dark grey colour and shaded the eye area by changing the opacity and shade of grey to create depth. I then have taken influence from Kelly Smith’s technique and I layered the shaded fashion illustration over the untouched illustration to enhance the pencil lines and so that I could adjust the opacity to fade the shading in the eyes slightly as I feel it is slightly dark. Here is the final result in stages:

This is not my final illustration, I am trying to get the pose right to begin creating my final piece. The fact that I have been out of studying for a year with completing a working placement last year, I do feel something’s are not fresh in my head. In second year it was extremely important that clothes were drawn in a way that looked fitting on the illustration for example, they had to sit well on the body, the body proportions need to be considered and the clothes should be considerate of this and the clothes should even be fitted with zips and fastenings where needed. Looking at this illustration the body proportions are not right, especially in the shoulders and the collar is not sitting around the neck, it is drawn on to the neck. I do like the pose without the dress but the shape of the dress eliminates the sassy personality that this pose has. I am going to reconsider this and go back to the drawing board, literally!

Stay posted to see how it turns out…



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