Prepping the Final Fashion Illustration

As you may have noticed from the very beginning of this project I have been attracted to Sabine Pieper’s work because of her style of co-operating 3D photography with fashion illustration. I have really enjoyed experimenting with this and it is definitely something I want to include in my final illustration. For an idea of what dress to photograph for my final illustration, I looked to a place that inspires me. You can probably tell by the banner of my blog that I have very much fell in love with a city that I visited for the purpose of this course, that city is Venice, Italy. A dress which I feel is fitting for this project is one that I wore to Verona around this time last year. I put a colour board together to inspire the styling for my fashion illustration:

Colour Board for final inspiration: Own images
Colour Board for final inspiration: Own images

To photograph the dress I set up a mini studio in my room, I recently bought lights to create a bright setting when photographing, so the timing was perfect. A few years ago I bought a dress making mannequin for decorative purposes, this is what I used to photograph the dress on as it provided a female shapely figure.

This concept worked really well, the light against the light coloured wall made it extremely simple to cut out on Photoshop as the Magic Wand Tool was able to select around all the edges.

Stay posted to see how my final image comes together…
Emma ♥


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