Pieper meets Smith: An Illustrative Mix

Left and centre image copyright: http://trendland.com/sabine-pieper-fashion-illustrations-update/ Right image copyright: http://indulgy.com/post/BvPZxm9PF1/kelly-smith-illustration
Left and centre image copyright: www.trendland.com Right image copyright: www.indulgy.com

At this stage in the project I feel that I am fairly comfortable using both illustrators techniques, which means now it is time for the creative part of the project. This section consists of combining the two illustrator styles to make up a unique fashion illustration. I feel that I will learn what techniques work together and what I like most about each illustrator. I have combined images from both Sabine Pieper and Kelly Smith’s work in a banner above, so that I can explain to you where I found my inspiration from. In this collaboration I used Kelly Smith’s pose found in the image above, I really fell in love with the style of this piece and I thought it would be a good figure to experiment with. I sketched the illustration using a black fine line pen, I used this technique because Sabine Pieper (although she uses Photoshop to do so) includes a lot of black sketchy lines in her work and I thought it would be interesting to see this harsh style of drawing on such a feminine fashion illustration.

I scanned the ink drawing into Photoshop and taking inspiration from the second Sabine Pieper image shown above, I scanned material for that 3D effect that Pieper has achieved. I cut out the white areas of the skirt on Photoshop using the Magic Wand Tool and dropped the fabric image under the lined layer so that the skirt sketch is still visible. I wanted to partially keep the soft femininity of Kelly Smith’s style so I decided to drop watercolour into the shirt and hat. I wanted to do this by hand to keep the essence of Smith’s work, I did this by tracing the shape of the hat and shirt on a separate piece of paper, painted the area with watercolour and scanned it, finally dropping it into the illustration. I had taken inspiration from Kelly Smith’s Vixen piece where the lips are filled on Photoshop and shaded to create an in-depth look. Another influence I used from Smith’s work is shading the skin tone with the Triangle Pastel brush. I finalised the fashion illustration by using low opacity paint and creating one dominant brush stroke behind the figure. Here is the final result:

Final combination of both illustrators
Final combination of both illustrators

I am very happy with the result of this combination, it has given me a new perception on both illustrators and has opened my eyes to what I can do with my own final illustration.

Moral of the story, if you are ever short of inspiration, collaborate! Stay posted for more…Emma ♥


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