Fashion Illustration: A Creative Collaboration

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In my last blog post Pieper meets Smith: A Collaborative Mix I combined my two illustrator influences to come up with a new creative fashion illustration. I will be doing the same in this post however the outcome is very different. I created a slide show above of images that I have taken inspiration from to create my collaborative fashion illustration.

I have used Kelly Smith’s pose from the image above for the basis of this piece. I began by sketching the outline and delicately drawing the face, I love the look of this piece and thought I would experiment to see how such intricate detail would look beside Sabine Pieper’s digital painting technique. As seen in the above Sabine Pieper image (the colourful fashion illustration) Pieper used a mix of brush sizes and opacity levels to create a strong creative fashion illustration. To achieve this style I opened my sketch in Photoshop and selected the Round Point Stiff brush, I selected a dark grey colour and changed opacity to suit my needs, I then outlined the figure where necessary. I then used the Round Soft Pressure Size brush with a low opacity to shade the jacket, again taking inspiration from Sabine Pieper’s work. To colour the skin tone I used Kelly Smith’s technique of selecting a light grey colour and shading with the Triangle Pastel brush to cater to the soft graceful look of the illustration. I finished by dropping in an image I had previously taken of a head scarf, I used the Magic Wand Tool to cut this out and I placed it on the illustration head so that it looked natural. I finished the illustration by taking inspiration from Kelly Smith’s background, adding in my hand sketched feathers behind the figure. Here is the final result:

Illustrator combination: Final outcome
Illustrator combination: Final outcome

I have to admit I completely adore this illustration, I never thought that these two styles would mix, but the soft features come to life against the faded digital paint. If I were to expand on this I would incorporate more figures and create a row of outfits to test if this combination is effective on different styles, colours and poses.

Stay posted! My final fashion illustration is nearly here…
Emma ♥


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