Kelly Smith: Proportions and Poses

As my final piece is going to be a full length fashion illustration, I wanted to understand the body proportions in Kelly Smith’s work. I found that Smith’s figures are of realistic proportions, her figures are slender with a small waist and long legs, however I do not feel that these features are overly exaggerated to create an illusion or to appear ‘catwalk like’. I like the fact that the poses in Kelly Smith’s work have a casual edge, it’s almost like they know they are fabulous and they don’t need to try. There is a strong pose in her illustrations although the clothing and relaxed feel provides a trendy cool vibe. To get a feel the poses and proportions in Kelly’s work I outlined three of her figures breaking up the sections of the body:

Image copyright:
Image copyright: 07/01/15
My sketch of Kelly Smith figures
My sketch of Kelly Smith’s figures

I think I would like to take inspiration from the stance of Kelly’s illustrations, I enjoy the playful confidence in the stance. This has shown me that personality is not just captured in the face but it is embraced throughout the whole illustration, down to how the figure stands, which makes sense because I am sure how I stand says a lot about me.

Stay posted for more on Kelly Smith’s technique…

Emma ♥


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