Army of Me: An Individual Approach

For this next stage in my project I have decided to go into the element that first attracted me to Sabine Pieper’s work, combining illustration and photography. I firstly sketched the face used in Pieper’s piece Army of Me , when drawing I infused my own style into the face, I made sure to darken the eye area to create a piercing stare, define the check bones and lips while creating a shadow under the chin. I feel my own style came out in the eyes, reflecting back I realised I have drawn the eyes quite big and looking directly forward where as Sabine Pieper drew the eyes as if they were looking upwards and the head was tilted downwards.


I photographed the head pieces that I wanted to include in my sketch, I used a polystyrene head to display the headpiece and placed it against a light background so that it is easier to cut out in Photoshop. As previously shown, I opened my sketch in Photoshop and enhanced it with different shades of paint. I simply used the standard paint option in Photoshop without adding noise as I wanted to focus on experimenting with adding my photographed accessories. When cutting out the accessories I used the Magic Wand Tool and deleted the selected area. To cut out neatly around the head scarf and to remove any remaining areas, I zoomed in and used the Polygonal Lasso Tool. I blurred the edges slightly for a smooth finish. Here is a video I recorded to explain this a little further (apologies for my voice, I had a cold when recording!):

To duplicate the face I used the Rectangular Marquee Tool and created a square around the face and selected edit, copy and then paste which I again repeated to create three faces replicating the Army of Me Sabine Pieper piece. I dragged the cut out head piece into the same document as the enhanced sketch using the Free Transform option to size and position the headwear so that it looked fitting on the head. Due to the use of my own accessories and because I slightly infused my own style of drawing into this interpretation I think the end result turned out quite different to the original and has gave me an idea of how I want to approach my own fashion illustration, here is the journey to the final result in images:

Stay posted for influences from my second illustrator Kelly Smith…
Emma ♥


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