Match Made in Heaven: Fashion Illustration Meets Photography

Prior to fashion illustration Sabine Pieper had a career and education in photography, Pieper combined her passion of fashion illustration with her experience in photography by combining mediums and creating new ways to approach fashion illustration.  Pieper explains:

I started to create pictures in a different way. I became more and more excited about this playful way to create images, using different techniques and combining hand-made illustrations with digital photoshop technology.

Vlisco, a Dutch designer brand approached Sabine Pieper to work with them on their Delicate Shades campaign. Pieper explains that the campaign involved illustration mixed with innovative 3D photography of the Vlisco garments. She added that the colorful fabrics particularly suited African women which is what she illustrated throughout the campaign. Here are some examples from the campaign:

All above images copyright from: 25/12/14

The above Sabine Pieper quote has been taken from: Images from the Delicate Shades campaign have been taken from Sabine Pieper’s online portfolio. Click here to access the Vlisco YouTube channel.


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