Sabine Pieper: The Face


Copyright from: 22/12/14

Personally when illustrating, I feel it is the face that captures the personality, once I’ve got that right the rest just flows. With this in mind I spent more time getting used to the proportions and shaping of Sabine Pieper’s faces so that I can take influence for when I develop my own illustration style.

I found that the face is generally realistic, it is not far off from how a female face looks in terms of features and sectioning. To get used to the proportions I sketched the outline of the head and scanned it. I opened the scanned image in Photoshop alongside Sabine Pieper’s work, I made sure to create a new layer and as shown in my last post I switched my Workspace to Painting, I clicked on the paint tool and selected the Flat Fan High Bristle Count brush. I choose a light grey colour to shade in the cheek bones, what I love about this brush is that if you build up the brush strokes it darkens in areas you repeatedly paint and stays transparent in areas you paint over once, just like it would when hand painting. I wanted to Add Noise to the paint to give it that raw sketchy effect, to do this I selected Filter from the menu bar, then selected Noise and Add Noise. Photoshop allows you to preview how the filter looks so I fixed the percentage until I was happy with the outcome, I clicked the Monochromatic box to eliminate any colour that the Noise option adds.

As mentioned earlier Sabine Pierper has a realistic approach to drawing faces, although areas are exaggerated with a combination of dark shading and leaving areas white, this is detailed in the eyes, check bones and lips. Pieper has not overly elaborated or distorted any features however the neck is considerable shortened, maybe to impose that the shoulders are back while the head is lowered to create an intense yet confident striking pose. Although I have used a brush selection with added Noise, it looks as though some of Pieper’s work is completed with a build up of different brush types, which is what I will experiment with throughout finding my own style. I noticed when first discovering Sabine Pieper that she used actual photographs of accessories and garments and incorporates that into her illustrations, this is something I have been eager to experiment with in my own interpretation and have started doing so.


Stay posted to find out how my perception of photography and  illustration turns out…

Emma ♥

The Sabine Pieper image used in this post has been taken from Sabine Pieper’s illustration portfolio on her website.


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