Kelly Smith: Modern Femininity


Copyright from: 18/11/14

My second illustrator of choice is Kelly Smith. I was firstly drawn to her work because of the soft delicacy in her drawings. It was intriguing to me how she created and maintained such a femininity throughout her work, although she does a lot of sketching like my other illustrator Sabine Pieper, her figures are drawn much lighter and does not steer to far from traditional illustration.

Who is Kelly Smith?

Kelly Smith is an Australian illustrator who specialises in fashion and beauty, she began her creative career by studying a Bachelor of Fine art in The Tasmanian School of Art. She continued her studies in photography and graphic design while returning to illustration after graduating. It is interesting that Smith extended her skills in these areas as it created the perfect combination to take on illustration professionally. A breakthrough in Smith’s career was when she was interviewed by Vogue about an exhibition she was mounting at the time. Since then she has worked with an array of fashion companies from retail giant H&M, online luxury retailer Net-A-Porter and designers Armani and Valentino.

Kelly Smith’s inspirations range from fashion, film and fairy tales, here are some examples of her work:

All images taken from Smith’s website, the banner of this blog post was put together from a collage of Kelly’s work in Photoshop.

To contact Kelly Smith or for more information on her work click here to access her personal website.


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