Meet Sabine Pieper


Copyright from: 07/11/15

After taking inspiration from the world around me, to begin my project I had to choose two illustrators who I can study and dissect their technique. The plan is to take the artistry from these chosen illustrators and after I have broken down elements such as body proportion, features and whether it is hand drawn or CAD (Computer Aided Design), I can then take influence from this and create my own fashion illustration style, exciting I know!

After an interesting and exciting exploration, I organically came across Berlin based illustrator Sabine Pieper. I actually discovered her work after taking inspiration from Hayley Scanlan’s sketch, which I included in my last blog post. The Scottish fashion designer shared her design sketch on Instagram where she used fabric/paper to make her piece 3D. Using this as my motivation I researched 3D fashion illustration leading me to Sabine Pieper. Pieper uses a range of creative techniques and experiments immensely in her work, so much so it is seen as an art form and has been exhibited in cities all over the world reaching as far as the big apple in the recent Suit exhibition. Her artistic element is proved again by not only being featured in various illustration books but gracing the cover.

Pieper’s style is consistent throughout, the soft beauty and fierce femininity has gained her exposure in the fashion industry. Pieper’s fashion portfolio hosts a collective of the fashion elite including Valentino and Elle magazine. It was the use of photography incorporated into her sketches that first grabbed my attention, this dynamic was striking and unlike anything I have seen before. It made sense that Pieper mixed the two as she started her career as a photographer. I am very much looking forward to studying Pieper’s work in depth and developing my own style through the use of unique methods and healthy mix of CAD and hand drawing.

Copy right for all above images from: 07/11/15

Stay posted for an introduction to my next illustrator…feel free to share your favourite fashion illustrator!

Emma ♥

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