Fashion Illustration: It’s Everywhere


As a part of my final year in college, two of my classes are integrated to develop an individual style in fashion illustration. One class is hand drawing based, to refine and enhance sketching skills while testing different creative mediums. The other is computer based, enhancing skills in CAD (Computer Aided Design) in fashion illustration using Photoshop and Coral Draw.

To begin we had to go off and research fashion illustrators and since then I have noticed it everywhere. Do you ever get the feeling when you need a new winter coat, and next thing you start noticing coats everywhere and every magazine you open there seems to be a feature on coats? My Instagram account, local blogs, magazines, exhibitions and even billboards have coincidently dabbled in fashion illustration this week.

River_Island_fashion_Illustration_Inspiration Copyright from: 16/10/14

I recently came across this image on the River Island Instagram account. The simplicity of this illustration brings a clean classic edge. Extracting the use of colour exaggerates the shape of the garment and minimal shading highlights the detail in the eyes. Beautiful!

BelfastFashionWeekInspo Source: Own image

Inspiration comes in the most unlikely places and this time it’s on a billboard, who knew! On my way home from college I noticed the new Belfast Fashion Week advertising campaign. The use of block contrasting colours is very striking. An artistic look is achieved with harsh brush stroke movements and the fluid body makes for a creative finish.

Instagram_3D_Fashion_Illustration_Inspiration Copyright from: 16/10/14

Another image that grabbed my attention on Instagram this week was shared by Scottish Young Designer of the Year, Hayley Scanlan. The addition of fabric massively interests me. Who said sketches had to be 2D? I enjoy experimenting with a range of materials and this seems like an intriguing technique.

Haute_So_Fabulous_Blog_Local_Belfast_Blogger Copyright from: 16/10/14

Recently crowned with Best Fashion Blog by Rebecca at Haute So Fabulous has been blogging about Fashion Illustration recently. I admire how Rebecca blogs about a range of topics. One of Rebecca’s favourite fashion illustrators is Anum Tariq, who has a modern style influenced by contemporary fashion and celebrity culture, it’s a very up to date take on illustration.

Researching illustrators has opened my eyes to yet another profession in the fashion industry. Beforehand I associated fashion illustration as a factor in the design process but actually I found that illustrators work for a range of publications and businesses such as magazines and product packaging. It just goes to show that bringing something to your attention can open a whole world of possibilities that your mind was previously blanking. What this does confirm, is that the world is never short of inspiration.

Stay posted for my choice of illustrator…

Emma ♥


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