The city I choose to see: Venice

My last blog post Wanderlusting Europe, explored the options of choosing a European city to do my final year trend project. After a lot of daydreaming, research and culture investigating, in the end I listened to my heart. My city of choice is unique, devastatingly stunning and traditionally chic, tonight, I’m going to Venice!

I am so excited to get water taxi’s, stroll the streets, float along the lagoons, drink tea in the rustic cafés and taste authentic Italian food. I will be taking my camera literally everywhere I go. I can’t really say much about Venice until I get there, so I will leave you with a few major bargains I got for going.


I got this off the shoulder top in Primark for just £2. I have always been on the lookout for a top like this so I was feeling very lucky to come across it at this price. Primark sales are awesome!

I discovered this gem of a book A Girl for All Seasons for £3.50 in Oxfam Vintage. I seen it a while ago and only had my card, I was in a rush and gutted I couldn’t snap it up as it suited me down to a tee. It talks of blogging, designers, how to gear yourself up for learning a language. I love books that you can float in and out of, this book is kind of like how blogging would be before blogging was created. Who knows, maybe if all us bloggers weren’t born in these high-tech days, we would be writing witty books full of adventures and style tips.


It is an absolute pleasure travelling and sharing the memories through a blog, it is an experience I have only had the privilege of recently. Not only is the journey enlightened by writing about it and reliving it after, but you get to share it with whoever reads it. With that said I look forward to writing about my trip when I come back. For more regular updates you can follow my blog on Facebook by clicking here but until then, Ciao!


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