Psychologies Magazine: The Review

I was very excited to be sent the Psychologies magazine before publication to review, so this review is based on the December issue. From the outset, I realised this was a unique lifestyle magazine when it stated that it had no fad diet tips! As soon I seen that, I knew it was a magazine I was going to agree with. Also, in the same respect it doesn’t tell you how to look younger, how to feel sexy, how to eat a healthy lunch, how to dress, it just helps you be you! It doesn’t give you a generic way to live, it doesn’t tell you ‘you should be like this…’ even the editor’s letter writes:

“People often ask me who the Psychologies reader is and it’s a joy to reply that you wont be put into any box I can find.”
Suzy Greaves, Psychologies Editor

Don’t get me wrong I get excited about cosying up with a good fashion magazine and in a way, skimming through the pages looking at celebrities, models and high street new arrivals rejuvenates style, it can spark ideas and encourage us to be more ‘out there’ but it can also cause us to question our style, turning the page to see yet another perfectly styled outfit. What we do need to remember, and almost always forget, is that we are not briefed every morning by a fashion editor, we aren’t followed by a team of make up artists and we certainly do not have a lot of preparation to style our everyday outfits like the people who appear upon our glossy pages. Yes it’s true, we are only human, and believe it or not the people in magazines are too (when they are not on set of course). This is something that Psychologies made me realise, glam up and make yourself feel amazing whenever you want to, but do not put yourself under pressure to be flawlessly styled everyday, start to just like your own self and confidence will come with it, and it’s OK to take some inspiration from magazine pictures just don’t beat yourself up about not wearing the latest thing, which the person in the picture most likely doesn’t own either, they have to hand it back when the shoot is over!

Psychologies Man Power1

One thing I do love about fashion magazines is the editorial pieces, I am so enthused by the layout and style of the writing. I love to hear people’s opinions and personality, as well as the general layout and themes throughout the sections. Surprisingly, I found the same content in Psychologies. Throughout the magazine I found snippets of contemporary, cutting edge editorial done with a minimal classic approach. My favourite was an article that titles Man power creating an array of man type fashions for women such as oversized blazers, loafers and my personal favourite vintage image ‘we can do it’, projecting an over all sense of confidence, strength and pride with a mix of refined elegant fashion.

Psychologies A Few Good Men

My read was not all empowering fashion fixes and epiphanies, I also found a lot of reassurance. Being young, I sometimes I think about how appearance obsessed the world is becoming and it worries me. I am a deep person who connects a person’s being with their appearance, if someone is a bad person with little morality or compassion, I could never see this person as beautiful. I think people are becoming far too focused on their looks and not even in an individual expressive way, in an idolization of celebrities kind of way. Everyone wants to look the same kind of beautiful, which to me is unhealthy, and not even possible. To read a magazine that doesn’t talk about how hot someone looks in their latest music video and relates to celebrities as normal people (as they are) is thoroughly refreshing.Psychologies Quote Even for a magazine to highlight positive thinking genuinely, is reassuring in itself. Another issue I felt relieved about after reading Psychologies is the world’s view on women, not that I am a feminist or even prude, I just generally don’t like when men cheap talk women. I know not all men are like that but it’s a massive problem these days. The article A few good men talked about the former rapper Doc Brown expressing his frustration with the way our society portray women and how he finds it hard answering his two young daughters when they ask why girls are sprawled over the newspapers in their underwear to entertain men. Why do we do play into men’s view on women like this and why is it so open? Ben even goes as far as calling himself an accidental feminist. Never beyond belief have I ever heard a man be so compassionate and considerate to how this is affecting women and doing something about it to change young men’s views. Even hearing that one man feels so strongly about this gives hope that there are more, and to be honest, that makes me feel pretty damn good!

Psychologies HONY

Psychologies is a monthly published magazine, and this is enough because it isn’t a magazine to be skimmed over and half take in, it’s one that you would take snippets from, write a tip in your diary, cut an article out for your notice board or read over a few times to let it all sink in. I got stuck into this magazine like some would a good book, obviously there were pages that didn’t appeal to me but out of the 146 pages I can count these one hand. If you are the type of person that goes crazy for HONY (Humans Of New York) blog/book and insights to people’s lives inspire you (an article Somebody once told me, shown above, about everyday people expressing conversations that changed their lives in Psychologies reminded me of this concept), or you are the quote lover scrolling back on Facebook to like that picture with the motivating message, or simply, you want the pleasure of knowing you’re not reading a magazine that behind the scenes there is a marketing team stereotyping your way of life and putting you into a group to be targeted using gimmicks and tricks to draw you in. All Psychologies is concerned with is what you think and how you feel, which makes sense because this is what creates the basis of your life, why shouldn’t we read magazines that give us a healthy mind and view on life instead of being told what to do to look like the latest celebrity, you don’t need to look or be anyone else, look like and be you!

Psychologies Review

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