Millie and Me: The Fashion

As you may know, I love a bit of vintage, and actually, this picture applies to me greatly because vintage shopping really relaxes me. I love the thrill of not knowing what gem you will discover when you look through the rails. You may find an absolute amazing piece you will cherish for years, you might find something you can customise and become a real project, or you simply might find something that will make you giggle. Nevertheless, whatever the outcome, the process relaxes me.

I was literally like a child in a sweet shop, going in scattered directions between the rails because every time I turned my head I seen something beautiful. I brought about 5 items to the fitting rooms which is unusual to me because I never find a big selection of garments both to my size and to my liking. In the end I came out with something practical and casual, and something truly unique, which to be honest, is a pretty perfect outcome.

First Item: The Shirt
This shirt stood out because it was very unusual, I love casual quirky clothes and this fitted exactly that. I thought it would look great with wet look leggings and white high tops or tucked into high-waisted shorts or jeans with tan heels. You could go dressy or casual with this one as the loose hem is laid back while the subtle puff sleeves add a bit of chic.


Second Item: The Blazer
When I seen this blazer, it had shoulder pads in it and since I wanted it for wearing as an everyday blazer, it was a bit much for me so I cut them out and Ta-Dah! I fell in love! I wear this on a night out, to work or going shopping, it fits all occasions. I wear it with dresses, leggings shorts, the possibilities are endless!


I know I mentioned this before but I am so delighted to see that I can shop at Millie and Me without travelling to Derry, they have an online shop at ASOS Marketplace. I included a screenshot with a link to show you a glimpse of the diverse fashion, however, from following them on Facebook and seeing their current fashion and layout in store, I literally don’t think anything will measure up to the satisfaction of looking through the rails of fabulousness in the shop itself. But for now, indulge yourself in a vintage browse, it’s the next best thing to a real life hunt ♥



4 thoughts on “Millie and Me: The Fashion

    1. emmalavery says:

      I’m so glad to hear you shop at Millie and Me it’s such a beautiful boutique. I had a browse through your blog it’s amazing! I love discovering local blogs and meeting local bloggers so happy you commented, hopefully we will at some point xx

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