Millie and Me: French Vintage

mmam6As you may have seen in my previous posts, I recently went on a family trip to Donegal. On the way back we stopped at this years acclaimed city of culture, Derry. I had heard a lot about the celebrations on the local news and had to see what all the buzz was about. I had been to Derry before for my best friends 21st but being with the family and at this occasional time, I seen a different side to the city.

Walking through the charismatic cobble streets I came across the sweetest little vintage shop called Millie and Me, and within a split second I was inside excitedly having a rummage, which wasn’t hard to do as the shop was merchandised so beautifully! I have never had the pleasure of shopping in a vintage boutique before so it was an exciting experience for me. The shop was a neutral cream colour with pastel picnic style decorations and an antique suitcase over flowing with classic pattern scarves. The atmosphere in store was as sweet as the French vintage vibe matched with the friendly personality of the staff.

Millie and Me had a diverse range of clothes but what I found was that the pieces were unique and authentic vintage but also very commercial and fit in with modern day trends. I loved this as when I am shopping lately I think a lot about the practicalities such as ‘could I wear this out to dinner also passing as a smart jacket for wearing to my placement?’ and Millie and Me catered to this logic perfectly. Since shopping here I have done further research and found out that you don’t have to travel to Derry to shop here, Mille and Me have an online shop at ASOS Marketplace, excited much? I am! I have to admit I did seriously consider taking another journey to Derry for the sole purpose of this store!

I didn’t realise how much I had to share on this boutique so to avoid information over load I will post my buys separately, so keep posted! Until then I will leave you with a link below to have a browse for yourself…

Check out the Millie and Me online store at ASOS Marketplace: Millie & Me Boutique *WARNING* the styling is seriously amazing and unbelievably affordable, you may impulse buy, view with caution!


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