Tennents Vital 2013: Avicii Fashion

The summer is nearing to an end, the dark nights are creeping in, the heat waves are a distant memory and everyone is back into their normal routine. September to me, and I’m sure to many, is more like a new year than January. Some start their first day of a new school and some first day of university, and for most it feels like the first day of the rest of their lives. Before all the hard work, dedication and studying begin, it is a must to end the summer on an eventful note, and that’s just what I’ve done.

Living in a big city like Belfast comes with the pleasure of having major events right on my doorstep, literally, I can hear them from my house. This year that event was Tennents Vital held at Boucher Road playing fields. Although there were many festival die hearts attending every date, due to the fear of working with a hangover, I stuck to the one, and that one was Avicii. My decision was very last minute and so was my outfit but never the less I went, festival outfit and all. There is no surprise my style was very vintage based, considering vintage shops are becoming my second home. I grabbed my now favourite ‘I ♥ Music’ T-shirt and head scarf from Oxfam Vintage, light denim Levi boyfriend shorts from Lola’s Vintage Kilo Sale and New Look statement necklace, combining a 80’s tribal and pattern mash-up. That of course complimented by a bright green plastic poncho.


As the day turned to night Tinie Tempah turned to Avicii, and by this time I was having too much fun to notice any outfits. What I do know is like any event, some came over dressed with the hems of their maxi dresses getting mucked up to the knees, others came under dressed…physically (no comment), and others hit the nail on the head with their summery miss match chicness. All in all, to Tennents Vital, thank you for coming to Belfast and to Belfast, thank you for stylishly rocking Tennents Vital:


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