Kooky Miss Match: The Liebster Award

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This summer started off with lots of celebrations; weddings, birthdays, festivals and actually having some sun! Then excitedly, I got accepted for something I have researched, worked hard for and absolutely certain I wanted for a long time…I got a placement! The opportunity was set in stone mid summer and although it has only been a while so far, I think it is safe to say, I am absolutely loving it. Amongst all this enthusiasm in the air I was feeling a bit indifferent over my blogging, worrying that between everything going on, I wasn’t putting enough time in as I usually do. I then received two little comments from two lovely bloggers who’s blogs I completely admire, I was voted for the Liebster Award by Christine from Dolls House Blog and Rosanna from Silver Brogues. These bloggers without a doubt put so much effort into their blogs which is just one of many reasons why I’m hooked on reading their posts. I honestly look forward to reading their fashion adventures and the secrets behind their impeccable personal style. To both of you, a massive thank you for providing me with amazing reads and for giving me the little boost of encouragement for my blog when it was needed most.

The rules of acceptance for the Liebster Award are that I answer the eleven questions provided by the nominating blog (I have merged the questions from both Christine and Rosanna into one list of 11 questions), vote 11 bloggers that have under 200 followers and come up with a list of questions for my nominees to answer, all with the intent to promote blogs and get to know the personality behind the blogger, lovely!

So to begin, here is my answers to Christine’s questions:

1.What is the most expensive piece of clothing / accessory you have bought?

I have to say I don’t really see the point in spending tons of money on one item, however the ’boutique’ high end for the high street has become a lot more appealing to me lately, as I can now see as I am maturing that people are buying for quality not quantity. As you get into your own style, trends seem less relevant and long-lasting classic pieces become apparent. I think my most expensive piece is a dress at £55.

2.Why did you first start blogging?

I first started blogging because I study fashion management and as apart of my second year project we were asked to start a blog to accompany a design project to show the journey from inspiration book to catwalk design. After writing my first story I had no intention of finishing my blog when the project ended, I completely fell in love with writing about fashion and it all kind of blossomed from there.

3.In 5 years time where do you see yourself?

In 2 years time I hope to graduate from college with a first class honours in fashion management, I also hope to have completed a charity trek of the wall of China for the Alzheimer’s Society as this is a charity close to my heart and in hand to this I should have done a bit of travelling. In 5 years I see myself well and truly proving myself and playing a major role in my exciting, motivating, heart accelerating, dream job (and yes, that is how I want to feel going to work every morning)! And of course I will keep everyone posted on Kooky Miss Match as I will be allowing my blog to flourish over the 5 years, watch this space!

4.What is your favourite era of fashion and why?

If you have read my blog from the get go, you will know I LOVE the swinging sixties. The fashion is colour popping, art related with an understated elegance, what’s not to love?

5.What is your go to brand for beauty?

I absolutely adore MAC for a night out make up but I find it a bit heavy for day-to-day. I have recently came across Witch Hazel tinted moisturiser and powder make up and it provides amazing coverage with the feeling of no make up, its definitely my make up must have.

6.Which city do you think is the most fashion forward?

I have to say London, there is so much culture mixed with quirkiness and edge, I found a brand LOUD Culture based in London, their collection is do inventive and creative it defines what I love about London fashion.

Now for Rosanna’s questions:

1.What do you love most about writing your blog?

I love being able to share my outlook on fashion, bringing to light creations or businesses some people may not have heard of and showing readers who may be interested in working in fashion, what the journey entails. If one person found out about the fashion management course, or seen a different side to fashion after reading my blog, I would be a very happy girl! I also love getting to know local bloggers.

2.Where do you find inspiration for writing your blog?

If something inspires me, it’s inspiration for the blog. If it has a lasting effect on me then other people may want to know about it, so I’ll tell them through my blog.

3.What advice would you give a new blogger?

I would tell them to start of writing from their heart, genuine content they believe in. Then once they have found their feet it’s good to network and get inspiration from other bloggers. Blogging is kind of like personality, stay true to you or people won’t take to it, that’s how I see it anyway, and keep it fun, it’s always good to have fun.

4.What is your favourite magazine?

Lately with being so enthused by what’s going on in Belfast’s fashion industry I have started reading Northern Woman and IN! There’s nothing more motivating than reading about businesses that started, and are thriving right in my home town. Otherwise I love a good read of Vogue, it’s like reading a good book so much background and depth in the stories.

5.What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate and vintage shopping! Not at the same time, but maybe I should try it.

6.What is your ideal day off?

Not that it always happens like this, but my ideal day off would be an early run, a bit of browsing/shopping, a touch of blogging and a good old catch up with friends or family, and a tasty cupcake, I love a good cupcake.

Now for the blogs I have voted for the Liebster Award. I’m not sure if you can vote back but these blogs deserve it as I am hooked on their stylishly intriguing content.
Rosanna at Silver Brogues
Christine at Dolls House Blog

Myree at The Fashion Schizo
Lisa at Life of LaLa
Rhiannon at Life n Style
Joanna at Joanna Loves
Jo at Sew Much Choice
Jenny at Allure De Vogue
Ruth at Willow Lane
A Guinness a Day

Now it’s time for me to do the questioning. These questions are simply questions I think would bring out answers that would inspire and interest readers and other bloggers…

1. What is the story behind your blog name?
2. What made you want to start a blog?
3. What are your blogging goals?
4. How do you come up with what to write in your posts?
5. Apart from what your blog is based on, do you have any other passions?
6. What do you feel most proud of in your life?
7. What is your dream job (or if you already have it, what do you do)?
8. What do you think is the best advice in life?
9. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
10. What is your favourite shop off the high street (any hidden quirky shops that need to be known)?
11. Last but not least, a little question to put you at ease, what is your favourite pass time to relax?

Thankyou Rosanna and Christine for your questions and I look forward to reading up on the nominee’s posts, happy blog browsing!


7 thoughts on “Kooky Miss Match: The Liebster Award

  1. silverbrogues says:

    Thanks Emma for your very kind comments – I’m glad you are getting back into the blogging, and a great post to start with!

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