Kooky Miss Match hosts first Competition

One off original Marvel head piece A lot has been going on lately which has caused me to take a little set back from blogging as regularly over the last few weeks. I started an amazing placement and been away on a mini family break to Donegal where I literally discovered the most beautiful part of the world! So I have tons of inspiration and content to write about.

As you may have noticed, my last posts have been about making head pieces for weddings I attended. I found these contemporary accessories give an outfit a real creative edge, no matter how minimal or eccentric your outfit is, a headpiece not only makes it easier to style your hair, it offers complete originality. In this day and age when fashions are so similar from shop to shop, additional pieces like this are needed to make a statement, so why not start a trend and wear them out on your next Saturday night out? The problem is, designs out there are a little bit too fancy for the local bar/night club. From working with Pop Art on previous projects, I came across some Marvel comic fabrics on eBay. Personally, I see comic as a fun spin-off on Pop Art, it has visual similarities but worlds apart in inspiration for design. I suppose you could link Andy Warhol damsel in distress type paintings with superheros saving the day, maybe we could say comic is swooping in and taking over. Either way these funky colour popping fabrics are the perfect starting point for a Saturday night accessory.

My recent posts have went from hat talk at weddings to competition talk with WAREHOUSE. I decided to combine the two and host the very first Kooky Miss Match Competition! Excited much? I am! I have recently made a Facebook page for my blog so the entry conditions involves a bit of Facebooking! The competition winner will be picked at random towards the end of August and will win a completely one-off original Marvel studded headpiece posted out straight to their door.
To enter this fashion forward competition and become a Marvel style queen, follow these simple steps:
1. Like Kooky Miss Match Facebook page.
2. Subscribe by email/Follow this blog.
(If you don’t have Facebook you can still follow the blog and comment below to let me know and I will happily enter you to the competition. Vice versa if you follow my blog already you can enter by liking the Facebook page.)

Feel free to share this post on your personal Facebook page.




One thought on “Kooky Miss Match hosts first Competition

  1. dolls house blog says:

    Hi Emma, me again with another nomination – this time its for the Versatile Blogger Award. Details on my page xx

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