WAREHOUSE: Showcasing Belfast Talent

WAREHOUSE Competition for young creative talent.

I recently received a lovely email from fashion retailer WAREHOUSE, informing me of a competition known as Talent Spot hosted in our very own hometown Belfast. The concept is, WAREHOUSE are opening a beautiful shiny new store in the prestigious Victoria Square shopping centre. Not only do they want to provide us Belfast ones with sensational styles, but they want to combine the creativeness from their collections with the creativity of Belfast’s community. This therefore is a shout out to all the budding creative talents of our diverse city of craft and flair. If these categories are your niche then this competition is yours for the grabbing: Singer/Song writer, Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Film, Poetry and Writing.

This is an opportunity to not only have your work showcased, but presented by a brand that has originated from fashion capital London, aiming to provide ‘Design for the High Street’. This contemporary brand from the get go, aims to stand out from fast fashion and bring distinct designs to help us not get lost in the noise of standard trends. It is with this same class and establishment your work could be exhibited to the admiring eye of Belfast’s intrigued shoppers, anticipating the wonders behind the window. This incomparable competition is like no other, this is a rare chance to mix classic fashion with original unseen raw creative talent right from the heart of this wondrous city. Personally, I think it is an opportunity not to be missed!

For more information on terms and conditions and how to enter click here: Talent Spot – Belfast

The pieces below have been handpicked by Kooky Miss Match to represent artistic creative talent Belfast has to offer. Credits go as follows: Emma Herdman, Nuala Hamill and Emma Marley. Click on image for more info.


5 thoughts on “WAREHOUSE: Showcasing Belfast Talent

    1. emmalavery says:

      Sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday. I cant wait to see the results of this competition! Nothing more amazing than mixing creativity with fashion the high street. Thank you so much for nominating me, I will get on this asap, means a lot! Very excited to write up on this 🙂 x

  1. dolls house blog says:

    Hey Emma, I nominated your blog from the Liebster Award – you have to answer 11 questions and post them to your blog. They questions are on my page, so check it out xx

    1. emmalavery says:

      Hi Christine, sorry for the late reply I was on a little holiday, thank you so much for nominating Kooky Miss Match I will get on this asap! Means a lot thanks a million xxx

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