Another Hat, Another Wedding

On Saturday the 13th of July I attended the stunningly romantic wedding of my cousin Michelle and her now husband Stephen at the Ramada Plaza Belfast. As I said before I committed the fashion crime: two events one dress, but I decided to mix it up a bit and make a different headpiece. I made this headpiece white to match the embroidery in my dress and it worked in perfectly with the delicate soft colours and intimate picturesque candle lit reception. In contrast to such a beautiful wedding, there is one thing my headpiece didn’t have in common with the day, it was very inexpensive! And here is how it’s made:

-I intended to buy a tear drop shaped fascinator base, but unfortunately Craft World had sold out so I bought the material and cut it in a tear drop shape myself. This material was bought in a packet of two sheets and cost just £2. I literally drew a tear drop shape on the material and cut. I then glued around the edges and used the plastic packet the material came in to press the edges while the glue dried.
-I bought a packet of bindings at just £1.50, I used one of the light bindings to cover the edge of the base. I did this by encasing the edge in the binding, when I came to a curve I twisted the binding so that it didn’t cause a corner to form. I pinned this as I went along to hold in place. I then hand stitched.
-I bought lace material, just the smallest that Craft World could offer which is 10cm. This cost just 8p! I cut a little curve design matching the shape of the base and so that it covered half of the base. You can shape however you like, this was just my personal choice. I cut two pieces and glued the edges together with UHU all purpose glue and then I stitched this to the base (If preferred this can be glued).
-After this I got the pure white decorated binding and applied this to opposing sides. I did this by encasing the edges in the binding and folded the edges by shaping the fold around the curve and pinning to hold in place.
-I then stitched this and any bits that wouldn’t sit or needed any extra hold, don’t be afraid to apply glue.
-Now for the fun part (well it’s all fun but you know what I mean!). This is the stage where you apply pieces that really add design detail to your headpiece. I bought bridal flowers that cost just 65p per bunch, I cut off the stem and glued the flower heads to the headpiece. I also bought a pure white detail that is supposed to be used as an almost replacement for a button, but it’s pretty, so it’s ok. This was only 85p and I simply hand stitched this on to the base.
-Then finally same as last time, I shaped the netting around my head to give me a good idea of how it would look. Pinned this into place and then stitched. The netting I got this time cost £1.10 for 40cm and it is far better suited for netting of a headpiece, it is a lot more delicate and shapes beautifully. I got a plastic comb this time costing just 50p and I stitched this into place at the back of the base.

Here it is in visual stages from craft shop pieces to wearing it at the actual event…I would just like to make it clear again I am not a trained Milliner, this is simply DIY:

Images self taken: Edited on Pixlr Express

I would just like to congratulate my absolutely beautiful cousin Michelle and her now husband Stephen on their marriage. A divine lady found her true gentleman, may they have a lifetime of love and happiness on their journey together through life ♥


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