Theories for Fashion

My cute wardrobe looks so adorable and innocent from the outside, but the contrast couldn’t be more great as inside is a whole other story. Today, I did the mammoth and dreaded task of clearing out my wardrobe. All these questions and indecisiveness about garments I haven’t worn in years, but just can’t let go off. Then there are the items I absolutely adore but are getting a bit worse for wear. A few theories came to mind found in VOGUE forum, if you haven’t worn it in 6 to 12 months, get rid! However, the way my wardrobe is laid out (a shelf at the top) it is not uncommon to come across a few ‘I forgot I had that’ items. So I came up with my own theory: if you can’t see it, you wont wear it! Based on this conclusion, I vowed to hang more instead of folding, so that no items will be hidden and they will be right there each time I open my wardrobe doors. Although I have done a massive clear out already, I can now better judge if I will wear my clothes again because, well, I can see them!

(Images self taken: Edited on Pixlr Express)

Here are some blogs that have great advise when it comes to revamping your most precious storage space (yes because that’s where the clothes are!):

College Guide: Closet spring clean

The Sunday Morning Herald: Wardrobe Detox

Oprah: Get value from your wardrobe


2 thoughts on “Theories for Fashion

    1. emmalavery says:

      Thank you, glad I could help 🙂 I know the feeling, seems like such a waste! I’m also trying to hang in outfits so I don’t pick something and stare at it thinking what could I wear it with…the joys of fast fashion eh?

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