DIY: Wedding Style

On Saturday the 29th of June I attended the breathtakingly beautiful wedding of the now Connie and Terry Cassidy. My cousin’s wedding is just two weeks away from this one and I am considering committing the well-known fashion crime: two events, one dress. The first wedding is my boyfriends cousin and the next is mine, so maybe I could get away with it, but I shall see if anything catches my eye from now till then. The dress I wore was a deep blue with white embroidery from Topshop. With all these events happening lately such as Down Royal Ladies Day, I was inspired to wear a fascinator headpiece but with my dress being such a particular shade of blue, I set myself quite a challenge. I did consider getting white or nude but I had my accessories near enough figured out and the original plan was to match the colour of the dress. With all this confusion and a bit of pricing (over pricing) from high street stores, I decided to go somewhere that always had the answer to my creative catastrophes…the craft shop.

Now in familiar soil I finally knew what to do, I purchased a base from Craft World at £1.50, blue netting at just 25p for a quarter of a metre, a hair comb slide for £1.50 and finally, fabric from The Spinning Wheel (with help from the very enthusiastic and friendly staff) at £3.50 for quarter of a metre. I made a gallery below to show the stages of the fascinator making but I will talk about the stages:
– First off I cut the fabric in a circle, a considerable amount larger than the fascinator base (it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle).
– I then gathered the fabric by securing the thread and pulling the thread through the fabric grouping as I go along.
– For the parts of fabric that cornered around the base I spotted a touch of fabric glue within the base and pressed the fabric down to neaten the appearance.
– I shaped the netting by placing it on my head and judging how I would like it to look, once that was figured out I cut any excess and grouped it under the base, pinning to hold in place.
– I then stitched the net to the base.
– Finally I stitched the comb in place by looping the thread around the comb.

Photos self taken on Android Phone: edited on Pixlr Express.

For all you creative fashion lovers out there, I would definitely recommend you give this a try. Especially if you know exactly what you want, who better to make it than you! I do however stress that this is a DIY version of headpiece making, I may study fashion but I have not an ounce of millenary training. So if you want a statement piece made with years of experience, leave it to the professionals, but if not give it a go. I absolutely love my head piece, there are craft shops dotted about Belfast that more than supply any of your needs and you can go as crazy as you like, for this occasion I decided to keep it simple to live up to the sheer class the day provided.

I would just like to give a special mention to Connie and Terry Cassidy, I wish you all the love and happiness on your new life together.

Congratulations Connie and Terry
Connie and Terry: by Shane Smith Photography


2 thoughts on “DIY: Wedding Style

  1. silverbrogues says:

    I love this! Definitely one to try:) I love hair accessories but rarely find something that is just right so what a great idea! Love your dress too:)

    1. emmalavery says:

      Thankyou! I can’t believe how quick it was, I know it’s hard to find something that suits so a bit of DIY is the way to go 🙂 Thankyou Topshop has the answer to everything lol!

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