Black Box: Lola’s Vintage Kilo Sale

Lola's Vintage Kilo Sale It was the very day after my birthday (8th of June) and I was delighted to prolong the celebrations and treat myself to a day of shopping, but not just any shopping…vintage shopping! Lola’s Vintage fair had taken over the Black Box and the concept of buying was very intriguing, £20 a kilo. Vintage shopping is always an enticing experience but this one was particularly engaging. Not only was there a thought-provoking display of styles, there was also a bar, a DJ, an express nail bar and vintage style make up service. So basically all you need for your Saturday night out under the one roof! The energising music and kilo offer, the temptation to buy was too strong, luckily an indie style fitting room was on hand to try on the darling array of clothing. The fitting room was definitely needed as the items were not tagged with sizes, but if you are a regular nostalgic browser you’ll know the deal, your decision kind of goes like this…you hunt, you love, you guess, you customise (or refit), you style and finally…you rock!

If you feel the craving for a fashion venture in finding your individualism, take a stray path and get yourself lost from the high street. You can of course find your own style in the high street and there is no shame in fast fashion thrills, but to enhance your look and add a stamp of you to your wardrobe, vintage fairs are the answer. Now it is clear how uniquely trendy this fair is, have a virtual shop and sneak peek, you are in for a lot of fashion forwardness…


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