The Hudson Bar: After Party (BMC show continued)

HudsonAfter the show is the after party, after the party is…Mc Donald’s? That’s basically how the night panned out following the inspirational Belfast Metropolitan College end of year fashion show at Stormont. All the late nights of course work, sewing and sketching, presented in front of our gleaming hopeful eyes strutting down the catwalk. A sense of pride, relief and a strong urge to fight the tiredness for a celebratory drink was on hand. Class mate Laurence Fay kindly sorted the location for this well deserved pint, and what a very good job he did!

The Hudson Bar in Gresham Street Belfast (behind Castle Court) was not only perfect for its handy location but accompanied the personality of our fashion crowd rightly. With the quirky hall table entrance and newspaper walls leading up the stairs to a room decorated with a mash-up of poster covered walls and dainty chic photo frames. Not only was the individualistic interior enchanting but the under dog tone was rejuvenated fittingly with iconic film, Pretty Woman projected on to the back wall. To add to this elegantly edgy scene the friendly atmosphere and floor filling music thanks to Ciaran Boylan, (DJ name Groovebound who also did DJ for the fashion show) was an all round flawless night, and I can honestly say it was the perfect way to end the marvellously manic year. To everyone in my class and to The Hudson Bar, Thank you. For being awesome!


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