Review: Bliss Clothing

All year round us students have been giving into impulse urges of shopping, with glossy magazines and fashion blogs gracing our screens and quirky stunning outfits, the need to hit the town with our fashion minds in gear is inevitable. Student loan payments of course support education and travel to college but there is no doubt students have given into enticing marketing campaigns that are designed to get us spending! Student discounts advertised around the same time as the loans come in and complimentary champagne at student events all to get us loosened up and ready to spend. So after all the style splurges you now have the perfect wardrobe with the equivalent to a high street heaven, the only problem is (excuse the cliché) it’s so last season. It has now come to that time of year when everything is being refreshed, another year over and all the hard work is done. After the continuous late nights of coursework and stress on the body, it is not uncommon for students to abandon themselves with work being the only main focus. It is a natural reaction to bounce back by giving yourself and your wardrobe a little TLC. The question is with the next 3 months being student loan-less and only being funded with a part-time wage is this wardrobe wake up really possible? The secret to this is finding stylish unique clothes at a bargain price and it was with this exact motivation that pushed me to find this gem of a brand…Bliss Clothing.

Bliss Clothing are an online fashion retailer selling unique on trend pieces. With the exception of a few items the garments are priced under £10 and they even have a £5 shop. So now that you know how inexpensive the clothes are, I will stop talking and start styling:

Amanda Oxford Graduate Print Sweatshirt £7.99: Styled to vintage theme.

I wore the sweatshirt to a quirky vintage fair in the Black Box Belfast. I found the sweatshirt completely diverse with a whole wonderland of style choices to mix and match the sweatshirt with. You literally can wear it casual, classy or smart, however I chose to style it with a vintage theme to show that this laid back garment can be worn to events or festivals, it is like a trend chameleon!

Asanda Floral & Polka Dot Detailed Boobtube Skater Dress £10.00.

I wore my second item to a garden party having drinks with friends in the sun. The dress suited the event perfectly, I kept the accessories to a minimum and teamed it with tan shoes to let the dress speak for itself in a chic fashion. I styled this above with a grudge theme contrasted with floral and bright popping colours showing the dress can transform to casual day wear, this casual style could be enhanced with fish net tights rocking that 80’s punk look. Being honest, I did not expect to receive such good quality clothing, especially with a dress priced at £10! The dress comes with detachable straps (which puts people like me, who are not the blessed with a big bust and have a slight boob tube fear at ease) the bust line sat a bit higher than usual on my fitting (XS) which for me was comfortable and made the sizing on point. At first I thought the bust would be lower and felt like the sizing was off but once I had the dress figured out, it was comfortable and fitted as ever! The dress is also lined giving a luxurious and durable feel. Both items are an absolute steal for their prices, there is no way you would find this kind of budget and quality fashion on the high street in Belfast. I would like to add for all the shopaholics that go to Liverpool with an empty suitcase and intention to fill with beautiful style steals, Bliss Clothing has a shop in Liverpool (although the company itself is based in Leicester) so no need for the traveling just a few clicks and Liverpool fashion is yours!


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