The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge

I have to admit, the blogosphere is something I hadn’t quite got the hang of to begin with, I just kind of wrote what I loved and got on with it, but with Word Press being so accessible to other blogs and Facebook bloggers becoming ever so popular, it was hard not to come across a good old fashion filled read! I found myself not only reading for enjoyment but reading because other bloggers inspired me. The term ‘fashion blogger’ seems so standard but it is amazing how many different types of blogs there are: designer labels, high street, accessories, vintage and then there are the fashion designers and crafty blogs, just to name a few!

Personally I like to follow blogs that write about things I can afford and The Agoraphobic Fashionista does just the thing! I have followed The Agoraphobic Fashionista for quite a while as I am inspired and motivated following a local blogger as they blossom into the world of fashion and become so successful. So when I seen the Facebook post asking bloggers to take part in the AF Bloggers Budget Challenge I couldn’t resist getting involved! An opportunity to meet some lovely influential bloggers, style an outfit and go shopping…yes please!

The concept is The Agoraphobic Fashionista set up a Bloggers Budget Challenge asking three bloggers to take part, aswell as herself. We all go to the same shop and spend the budget of £20 (one item can be from your own wardrobe e.g. shoes) and write a blog post displaying all four outfits and linking to each others blog. I know fast fashion seems to have taken over the high street and you could nearly go into two different shops and find identical designs, but I don’t believe that if you shop in these stores you are a trend follower. It is all down to individual style and what you pick from the stores that makes you a trend setter! With that in mind, here are the diverse outfits, officially chosen by AF Bloggers Budget Challenge Class of May 2013 from fashion outlet Internacionale, excited much?…

The Af Bloggers Budget Challenge Class of May 2013

The looks are as follows, top left: Me! Top right: Ruth at Willow Lane. Bottom left: Rosanna at Silver Brogues and of course the creator of the challenge Sera at The Agoraphobic Fashionista. I absolutely love the looks Sera, Ruth and Rosanna have put together, this challenge justifies everything I believe about fashion: finding your individual style and knowing it well enough to find in any high street store, being able to shop your style at a budget and last but not least never miss an opportunity to meet people who share the same passion as you do. So a big thanks to Sera for creating this fun filled challenge, allowing me to met three lovely talented ladies and I hope we all cross paths again in some sort of blogger related madness.

My outfit is styled as bohemian chic with a festival rock edge and is made up of 7 pieces: Wet look skirt £4: Blue peace sign crop top £6.99: Mixed symbol earrings £1.50: Black shield bracelet £2: Cross ring £1: Cross beaded bracelet 50p: Rose stud bracelet £1.50 with a total of just £17.48. Here it is in a bit more detail:

Just in case you missed the earlier links, be sure to check out the fabulous blogs of the AF Bloggers Budget Class of May 13: The Agoraphobic Fashionista, Willow Lane and Silver Brogues.


7 thoughts on “The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge

  1. silverbrogues says:

    Great look! I can’t believe this skirt was such a bargain, and your accessories are perfect – going in to find the bracelet combo:)

  2. emmalavery says:

    YAY! So glad you both are on Word Press just followed your blogs 🙂 I know I couldn’t believe the skirt either, it gave me some major leeway to splash out on some jewellery. Loving your festival look, the playsuit and willies are beaut together! X

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