The world is so much more beautiful, when you can see it!

Today I finally got a consultation for contact lenses, and yes, I should have went to Specsavers! I literally phoned that morning and by that afternoon I had a friendly consultation and a free months trail with my new lenses! I walked out of the store a new woman and Belfast City Centre seemed like a brighter more beautiful place.

With this new lease on sight and my fashion mind in gear, I did a little window shopping (the safer option for my purse). I have to say there isn’t a lot of windows in the city that do their merchandise much justice. The window display that not only made me stop and dreamily stare in, but also intrigued me to have a look inside was Liberty Blue. With its magical vintage-ness it has been credited with the Kooky Miss Match official award for Belfast’s Best window display.

Liberty Blue only stock clothes from independent or local designers and try to stay away from mass production and all it generally stands for. Liberty Blue is for non-fashion followers with their own sense of style.

Liberty Blue

Click here to indulge yourself in more of Liberty Blue’s quirkiness!


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