Vintage Favourites ♥

So whats everyone’s feel on vintage? It has been one of them things for me, I was never really into, but once I discovered it I couldn’t get enough! Similar to finding a little treasure, vintage shopping is a hunt but you always end up with a precious chic piece as the rarity of finding it again is just too great.

Vintage just makes sense; fashion is constantly repeating itself, trends bursting from high street stores today are just contemporary versions of the latest fashions way back when. So why not have the real thing? A clear example is Pop Art, the trend is popping up at every Belfast fashion event and high street store, the same can be said for the 60s only then it was an orginal new-born trend. We are therefore letting the past lead our future trends…

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

One thing is clear, fashion is clinging on to its fabulous past and branding it as a trend called vintage, and how lucky are we having the opportunity to walk down fashion memory lane and relive its glory years of style! As Coco Chanel said, it is our style that remains the same, which is why I find vintage so imaginative, mixing modern style with old classics is the absolute decorum of 21st century fashion. I can’t help but picture a young woman in the sixties step out to the mod scene rocking a beehive when I wear my vintage items, what a blissfully nostalgic image to rejoice when picking an outfit in the mornings! Holding that thought, here are my favourite vintage finds:

To the left: Snapshot of 60’s pattern mod dress from Oxfam Vintage.

To the right: Knit waistcoat from Shanti Vintage.


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