5p bag charge: The good the bad and the stylish

I know this is a bit late but I was wondering how all the fashionistas felt about the 5p bag charge (and some shops 6p). Working in a fashion retail store the general feel for it was a bit hesitant at first however quickly became a normal occurrence, with most shoppers bringing their own trendy reusable shopping bags. I myself have tote bags from New Look, Primark and the ever so stylish Unify goody bag from the fashion showcase. Unless the tote bag brands are used at the relevant shop each time (which is highly unlikely) shops are clearly missing out on advertising.

Apart from the obvious environmental advantages there is one major fashionable advantage to this situation, it may even be the style silver lining to the dark cloud of the charge! I have seen numerous people carrying these extremely adorable personalised shopper bags and I wondered where they got these beauties from, then I came across My Wee Jute Bag. These bags are personalised hand crafted, hand painted jute bags used as kiddies bags, shopping, lunch, overnight and gift bags. You will never bump into someone with the same bag as you (cringe!) as these bags are personally designed with your favourite band, character or the most creative, you!

So if you are feeling bitter over the penny wrenching high street charge, be a bigger person and get a tote bag, what’s better than looking down at a plastic brand logo, looking at a hand painted you!

My Wee Jute Bag

To check out My Wee Jute Bag click here


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