Final stage of design process : The Dress

Pop Art final design board

I started this blog to keep track of developement throughout my pop art design project and in the process I fell in love with blogging. It is only right that I write-up a piece on my motivation for starting a blog. From inspiration book, to mood board, to final design, the product of the design process is complete: the Pop Art dress. I loved working with this theme because as I researched, it became a major trend on the high street. Pop Art has popped up everywhere! It is enjoyable to experience the explosion of this upbeat trend, just as it was in the sixties. Coincidently, the man behind the art Andy Warhol has recently resurfaced in the ever so trendy Mac Gallery in my hometown Belfast. Even Belfast is feeling nostalgic! It is nice to see a whirl wind of art, fashion and society combine in such a blissfully colourful force.

As you know from the name of my blog, I love miss matching prints and patterns and that’s what I have done with my design. Polka dots and Andy Warhol inspired fabric in the popular A line shift style of the era itself. So here it is: (DRUM ROLL)

Pop Art Dress

Although this is the last of this particular project I continued the Pop Art polka dot theme in an outfit for the end of year fashion show where both these items will be showcased and of course, featured in this blog. Exciting times ahead!


6 thoughts on “Final stage of design process : The Dress

    1. emmalavery says:

      :O Thankyou so much!! That means the absolute world to me!! I will check it out now, your blog is amazing you have a beautiful way with words ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks again X

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