Easter Fashion Finds


So I went on a little egg hunt in preparation for this delightful holiday which is Easter (the egg meaning fashion and the hunt, I didn’t need one!) and I found an equally delightful outfit. I know I go on a lot about H & M but I can’t help it,  it just happens!  All the quirky must haves I come across are always from this high street beauty! I don’t usually report my shopping trips but this was such an on trend bargain I had to share!

I left feeling very refreshed as my wardrobe now had some key spring/summer items that I could mix and match, just in time for the snow melting away! I felt fulfilled and not one bit of shoppers guilt as this all came at a steal at under £30!

Off white lace and chiffon dress: £15
On trend floral zip design detail jacket: £29.99 £10
Floral leggings: £12.99 £3

So lesson learned and certainly one to go by: sales do not always mean last season!

Happy Easter everyone, enjoy this lovely bright and beautiful day X


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