Fashion: make it personal, to you

Alexander Mc Queen once said: It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.

It seems that today the biggest trend, that never goes out of fashion, is individualism. Fashion followers are no longer running to purchase what the latest celebrity is wearing, instead they want to dress for themselves. Maybe subconsciously Gok Wan is seeping into our brains and having an effect on our everyday wardrobe choices, but it is becoming clear to all that customisation is just as exclusive as designer clothing. Gok faces a challenge of turning high street clothing into designer chic with some minor changes he makes from purchasing beads, studs and dimantes from the local sewing shop, and yes, it is that easy. I started customising because my sister from another mister ( my boyfriends sister but now I see his sisters as mine! ) is raising money for a charity very close to her heart, and I thought about ways which I could help, and so it began…

Dress customise stages

The first step is keeping a look out for a good bargain that has major potential. I spotted this dress in New Look which looked stunningly figure flattering and also a luxurious rich colour, it was on sale and I thought it was too good of a oportunity to pass up. The steps I took to customising this dress are as follows:

1. I bought 1 metre of black lace purchased for less than £2 from Sew ‘N’ Sew and pinned it along the hem of the dress. I have a domestic sewing machine but something as straight forward as this can be hand stitched. I simply stitched along both edges of the lace.

2. Along the waistline of the dress where the lace strip starts and ends, there is no need to take the dress apart to disguise the lace attachment, I just pulled the thread in exactly where the dress has been sewn before and pulled the thread in tightly so that the lace is joined with the natural waistline.

3. I bought a packet of studs for £2.50, these can be bought cheaper however the ones I got are quite large. I placed a stud at the sleeve end just where a cuff would be on a mans shirt. Studs are made so that they are pierced into the fabric and the teeth are bent in to the hold the stud in place, no sewing skills or tools needed, YAY!

Comic Customisation

As I have expressed in my other posts and current design project, pop art is a massive trend on the high street, but even more so, marvel comic book fashion is a must have, especially in mens fashion. I love this trend and sometimes the lines of male and female trends are blurred, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit and customise shorts and my boyfriends jumper with the same batman fabric. Sewing patches on shoulders and shorts are an extremely effective and an easy way to make a garment pop.

Collar customise

Finally a little gem I customised this week, I bought packs of pearls, dimantes, fabric glue and studs from Craft World and sewed them on the collar of this vintage shirt. As well as sewing on beads and pearls, gluing on bits of old jewelery is a creative and fast way to make your every day shirt a stunning show stopper.

Always remember that it is impossible to ruin your item when customising, the thing about making creative mistakes is that you can always do something creative to fix it. Instead of throwing half of your barely worn garments out or pass that bland but beautiful dress, imagine how you could make it exactly what you want. This concept creates a wardrobe that you are proud of as it will have your uniqueness and signature touch to each piece. Become your own up-and-coming designer and cater to our own personal style because in the end, who knows you better than you!

To visit (in my opinion) the top three sewing haberdashery in Belfast City Centre click on the following links:
Spinning wheel:
Craft world:
Sew ‘N’ Sew:

I would just like to separately mention the charity in this post is: The Children’s Heartbeat Trust. This charity is very personal to Kelly and her family and therefore I would be very grateful for anyone reading to click on the provided link and read to raise awareness of the issue, and if possible kindly leave a donation, but as I said the more who read the more who will know: …Thankyou X


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