Mood Board: The Original Pinterest…

So, back to the project! As I posted before, to boost creative design and get a real feel for your theme, collecting ideas and bits and pieces in the form of an inspiration book, is a must! It is beautiful way to show your vision of, in my case, Pop Art! It helps to show your understanding, and a platform to base your collection on. From this, a mood board is created.

A mood board is a display board that is built up of images and colours which, as a whole, defines your theme. It is a bit like an old school Pinterest, pinning photos to collectively project your vision. As outlined, mood boards can be used for designing, however they have many other uses in the fashion industry. Magazines use them to communicate new season trends to its readers. Stylists use mood boards to pull together different looks. Merchandisers use them in retail stores to make sure current trends are stated through the display of stock. When you enter a store and see the different colour pallets and patterns pulled together, behind each stylishly displayed section is a ‘story’ or ‘trend’ which all started sometime, somewhere as a…yes you guessed it, mood board!

To create this I scanned every image from my inspiration book and used Photoshop to chop and crop using the images which bounced off each other to produce the final outcome, so here it is…POP ART H&M capsule collection refined:


Mood boards aren’t just for fashion! I made a mood board for my room, full of pictures and patterns and quotes which reminded me of things I want to have in life and achieve in the future. It’s just a little reminder of what I hope to be. I am already lucky enough to have fell in love, so I want to stay in love, I want to make my friendships last till im old, I want to get a car and go on road trips and travel, I want a job I love and an apartment like Carrie’s out of Sex in the City. To be honest, underneath it all I really just want everyone in my life to be happy and healthy…but hey, a girl can dream!



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