It’s a hard knock life, for us…only on a D-day!

As you may have noticed I have slightly abandoned my blog, but not through laziness, I swear! The coursework I have been writing about, I was actually doing. Even though coursework is done throughout the year, when it comes to hand in dates, it has to be refined…and that takes time.

It is a daunting thought to all us students, that all the creativeness and ideas you have worked on, has to be completely constructed in a professional manner which clearly demonstrates what is asked of you in the assignment. To get the marks you want, there is no other option! This single piece of work is what is being marked.


I’m sure every student has their own personal tips on handling the stress of hand in dates but here’s mine:

1. This is one I have to take on my own advice on. Just as you begin your assignment early on to give yourself enough time to complete it, do the same with organising it. Try and have your work finished in advance so you have at least one free day before D-day. This gives you one full day to commit to the presentation of your coursework, and as I have discovered, presentation counts!

2.Create an enjoyable working environment. When I studied in Liverpool, in my halls my desk was facing the window, this gave me an open mind and the illusion of openness which helps me relax. It also motivated me as I was looking out at the big bad world I was working hard to make it in.

3. Finally..Take breaks! Stock up on your favourite munchies and set yourself a goal, ‘after this paragraph ill make a hot chocolate’. Just give yourself a little incentive to get that next bit done.

Studying is hard work, there is no easy degree. If studying was easy it wouldn’t be challenging, so we wouldn’t gain anything! It always helps to go after what you enjoy, chase your dream not what you think will make you employable. Who wouldn’t employ an applicant that is oozing passion and enthusiasm? Exactly! So keep chasing that ideal dream job you have in your heart, one day you’ll catch up with it and when you do, grab it with both hands!


Feel free to share any studying tips!


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