Inspiration page by page…

In my project I am constructing an inspiration book, collecting everything and anything that will influence the design process. I included pages where I used the style of Lichtenstein to recreate photos I have taken, as well as magazines from the 1960s and record covers to show how his art fitted in with society. I gathered all the elements in the book over time from place to place, picking up bits here n there with my project always in mind. So here it goes, my little journey so far…

I love how Lichtenstein’s pieces look so fun and straight forward but the situation isn’t, the expression on the faces he sketches are frustrated and sad, this makes the emotion the strongest element to come across, allowing us to make an emotional attachment. The simplistic style of his sketches are so striking and postersized capturing the look of a pin-up vintage man and woman of that time. I love contrast and I want to contrast patterns and colours in my design, I want my final designs to embody this book as each page has inspired me.

As we are entering a new year I would just ask you to take the inspiration book idea and instead of the 60s apply it to 2013. Everyday is a blank page waiting to be filled with inspiring thoughts and ideas. We are all people who grew up in different eras, with different mind sets and ways of life. Take it all in, listen to each others stories no matter what age they are or where they came from, we have to accept change, but it’s so much easier if we accept it together.


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