The Sixties: Era of elegance

Granny and Granda Martin1

Looking through my family tin of photos of all the memories that have been enjoyed by my family. Faces im close to, faces I never met and faces I miss with all heart. With my project in mind I thought what better way to get a real understanding of the 60s than looking for captured memories of my own family at that time.

So here I come across an absolutely stunning photo of my Granny (Claire) and my Granda (Sam). I’m so glad they took this picture giving us the opportunity to share the happiness they felt at this moment with each other and future generations in our family. My Granny Claire always had a feel for fashion that she was so modest about. I love how in this era the style was so lady like and understated. They look beautiful but respectful. I think its something we could take in at this day n age as it seems that people are obsessed with celebrity culture. Fashion should be complementary and make you feel enlightened and confident, different and personal to each individual. I think understated beauty is the most striking, putting it all out there and boasting just simply takes away from a persons likability.

“A true lady need not have to advertise her worth”

Of course it’s not a good thing to dwell in the past, people pass on, things change and this is what we have to accept. It’s not a bad thing though to learn from the past, take the things that make you happy and carry them with you in your heart. The past is gone but it well never be forgotten, it will always be a part of who we are today and I am proud to say Sam and Claire will always be a part of me.



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