Consumer profile: The marketing side to fashion

I want to update my blog on what im actually doing in my pop art project. In my assignment we are asked to relate our theme to a retailer, and since I was out in H&M and spotted a few garments that related directly to my project, I decided the capsule collection I design is going to fit H&M’s divided range (the funky clothes up the stairs in store). Divided is aimed at a younger audience, it is for fashion forward quirky dressers who want to break away from the standard high street trends. H&M is fashionable, affordable and on trend however it isn’t one of them standard shops that you would find a similar garment elsewhere, it has its own style and most of its items you could only get in store. So with all this in mind I did a profile of the customer my final collection will be aimed at:

To visit H&M click:

Divded picture taken from:


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